Self Portrait in coloured pencil

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Dufton Art in the Hills exhibition

I entered four artworks into the Dufton Art in the Hills exhibition. 
One was my self portrait which I did last year. I wanted to show off how good I am at getting a good likeness so it was important for me to go to the private view. 
While I was there, my pen and ink of a Wolf was sold. It is the first time I have ever had a red sold spot next to one of my artworks at an exhibition. It was nice to meet the lady who had liked my drawing enough to buy it. 
The other drawings were pen and ink with touches of coloured pencil too.
The man in the next drawing is my son. He has a little bit of coloured pencil to tint his face. I have found an even better reference photo of him talking to his horse so I plan to do one from that one day. 
The only touch of colour in the mare's head at the bottom is her eye. 
I have to have a break from pen and inks because I have an important portrait to do which I am keeping private.