Self Portrait in coloured pencil

Monday, 16 November 2015

Sheila's Eye

Portrait of Sheila's Eye 
I did this Conté of a mare's eye on Canson Mi Teintes paper for my own pleasure. 
Although one thinks of Conté as being a drawing medium, I think of myself as painting with it. 
I would very much appreciate comments from anyone with knowledge of horses to tell me where I have made errors with the anatomy. I must have made some errors. It is impossible to be perfect. For example, is her hair growing in the correct directions? I had to work from photos and, as she is nearly black, it was hard to see the details. 
One thing that isn't the same as the photograph, is the reflection in her eye. I would have loved to show a meadow but the reflection showed a car park (well two cars anyway). 
I hope to have an opportunity to do another horse's eye but next time with a nice decorative reflection.