Self Portrait in coloured pencil

Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Horsechestnut Flowers 

I have been working hard daily on a portrait commission for a few weeks now. But in the evenings I have been doing miniatures on the theme of the horsechestnut tree. 

You will rarely see me without a pen or a pencil near to hand. 

I am sad that there is a disease in British horsechestnut trees and dead ones won't be replanted because they are not native to Britain but to a small area in the Balkans. 

However conkers are so much part of the culture of British children that I and a like-minded friend think that it would be so sad that we are growing our own. And I decided to honour the horsechestnut tree by recording it through the seasons. 

I found a frame that holds eight miniatures and I am filling it with horsechestnut miniatures to give to my friend. I will give it to her after the Craft Fair but not before as I am going to put it on display and sell home made bookmarks of my horsechestnut drawings. The Craft Fair will be at St Laurence's Church and it is in aid of the restoration fund. Should I ask a price for the bookmarks or should I take a money box and ask for donations?

Above is one of my drawings. It is the flowers of the horsechestnut tree. I did it in Caran d'Ache Luminance coloured pencils. 

It will be a while before I add these drawings to my website. I didn't back up my website file and my computer died so I lost it. I will have to start again from scratch. I have not got time to do it until after the Craft Fair because I am busy working on that. I think I will make new buttons and title bar too. I expect you will recognise it. My self portrait will still be on the first page.