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Friday, 1 April 2016

Studio Changes

Studio Changes 

I have been making a few changes to my studio space. 
The changes became necessary when the rescued cat recovered and became more active and demanding of my attention. He soon learned that the certain way to my attention was to sit on my painting. 
I quickly moved my acrylic gouache still life painting to my upstairs easel. I set up a smaller drawing board as you can see above.  
I was able to do some pen and ink drawing for a while, and was able to finish the Wolf Den, but I can't any longer. If I sit at the kitchen table to draw, I soon have a large cat on my lap staring into my eyes. And now the old cat is copying him!
The only solution was to find a table to take upstairs to hold my drawing slope. 
I have a gate leg table, I unscrewed the hinges attached to the flaps to make it easy to carry upstairs. Taking a small gate leg upstairs single handed with the flaps bouncing is no fun. 
Today it has been a question of the best chair to squeeze into the space between my bed and the window. 
I started a new pen and ink today. I am going to have to work hard to catch up. I plan to do some equine art in time for the annual Appleby Horse Fair. 

Upside down gate leg table waiting for its second flap to be screwed on. 

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