Self Portrait in coloured pencil

Saturday, 10 August 2019

A Short Break

A Short Break
It is over a week since I did any work on Bentley, the portrait in Turner acryl gouache. 

The reason is that I have a new border collie puppy. I was expecting to take a week off to establish house training. She is very good in that respect. But my week is getting longer. 
The problem is she torments my poor Jasper. He doesn’t mind when she pulls his tail. I do. I have to keep cleaning long clumps of hair out of her mouth. But Jasper objects to the way she bites his legs. 
He is so kind. I always knew what a lovely nature he has but his degree of tolerance astonishes me. 
So I am spending a lot of time rescuing Jasper. Luckily I bought a nice soft “cage” for my old cat to hide in when he wanted peace. So the puppy gets fastened in the cage when she gets overtired and hyper and starts leaping at Jasper. And I can only do jobs (like writing my blog) when she is asleep. 
She has woken up again now, so I will add a cute photo of her and go and put her out in the garden. 
By the way, the garden is no longer green. The first game she discovered was digging, then the rain started. I will leave the rest to your imagination. 

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