Self Portrait in coloured pencil

Friday, 11 May 2018

Girl in Profile Update

Girl in Profile Update 

The Girl in Profile is waiting for another tube of red paint that I have ordered today. 
I went over her hair again today but I think I will want to improve it tomorrow. I am still trying to match the subtle colours in her hair. It changes with the light. 
It is very difficult to be satisfied with a portrait. It reminds me of Maurice Quentin de la Tour, who was a very popular portrait painter at the French Court back in the Eighteenth Century. He worked in pastel and he was my inspiration when I first started painting portraits. 
He would deliver the painting then he would take it back to improve it. That sounds dangerous. It is so easy to overwork pastel.
I used to work in pastel but my latest paintings are oil on canvas. The canvas can be worked over without tearing holes in it. It is nice not having to be afraid of mistakes. 

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