Self Portrait in coloured pencil

Friday, 25 May 2018

Waiting for Varnish

Waiting for Varnish

I have completed another three portraits in the last couple of days. 
I have taken them upstairs for them to dry sufficiently to varnish them. I am using Exhibition Varnish. They can have their permanent coat of varnish after six months on top of the exhibition varnish.
The photo shows the portraits upside down, because I painted the bottoms last and the paint may come off on the shelf. I know that is obvious, but when I was studying at University I was told that if you don’t write the obvious things you lose marks. 
When it is safe to put them in my scanner I will take quality scans of them. 
Meanwhile I have two more portraits that are very nearly finished. In fact I meant to finish the lady in sunglasses today but I was working on her rather late last night and when I saw what I had done, I scraped it off! I had given her a dirty face. 
I am not going to make the mistake of working on any faces tonight but I think it will be safe for me to paint some sky backgrounds. 

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