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Friday, 22 June 2018

Update on Jet

Update on Jet

This isn’t about art. It is an update on the story of the cat I rescued, Jet. But you can see him in the photo sitting on my painting table among my paintbrushes. 

I wrote last August about rescuing Jet and explained that he was a major inspiration for using my ability as a portraitist to combat prejudice. 
I want to update his story and tell the world how impressed I am with his kindness. 
I named him Jet in memory of a very generous dog. He was a black Labrador belonging to my parents and when we would visit them with our dog, Juno, he would always save some of his food for her. I remind you that Labradors are noted for being food orientated, which makes them trainable, so his generosity was notable. My mother had a strong belief in the power of names, so when I rescued a black cat it was obvious to name him after dear old Jet.
I haven’t had much experience of cats until 10 years ago when I rescued Pumpkin. I believe that he may have belonged to the people who lived in this house before me and he was such a territorial cat that when they moved he came back and lived semi-wild in the back gardens. Pumpkin is a stately cat and was never playful. He is very old now - probably 20 years old - and I moved him into my bedroom this year. He is too old to guard his outdoor territory any more. Living in my bedroom suits him. He is eating much better and isn’t so boney. 
The next cat, 4 years ago, was kitten Fliss which is short for Felicity. I got her as a present for my lurcher Bryn, who loves cats. Luckily Fliss loves Bryn too. Fliss is very shy. When I had visitors in the winter she disappeared into the cupboard under the kitchen sink. 
Jet was different. For one thing, when I rescued him over 2 years ago, he bit and scratched anyone who touched him below the head. He also attacked dogs and cats, and I had 2 dogs and 2 cats. But it was the end of November, turning cold, and I had a scullery with a cat flap in the back door. I made a bed for Jet under the scullery sink and made a movable barricade using a clothes horse wrapped with cat netting so that I could let the dogs out into the garden safely. I told Jet that it was to keep him safe, and he accepted it. I know little of cats and their ways, but I treated him with respect and gave him the space to let me know how to help him. 
I quickly realised that his problem was that he had been severely injured. I was so impressed with his intelligence and his understanding that I was doing my best to help him. 
He has repaid me amply. 
I have watched episodes of Jackson Galaxy’s My Cat From Hell and I was interested to watch episodes where one cat was acting like prey and being chased and bullied. 
Fliss acted like prey but Jet never bullied her. Instead he has been patiently teaching her to play. He runs after her but he stops short when she goes into hiding. He is a big cat but when I put their food out he waits until she chooses which bowl she wants. I scatter treats and he waits for her to start eating them first. 
With Jet’s influence, Fliss is a changed cat. She has stopped running and hiding and she shares Jet’s playtime. She comes and curls up next to me on the sofa purring which she never did before. There is something about Fliss that makes me want to cuddle her and I couldn’t before. She used to cry and run away. So thank you Jet for whatever magic spell you used.
Jet is kind and helpful to me as well. I used to let him out in the garden but I stopped in the Spring for 2 reasons. We had a blackbird’s nest in the garden and every time Jet went out he brought back fleas. Now he waits for me to let the dogs out. He gets paid in treats and playtime. 

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